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Snowpark Snowpark St. Johann im Pongau / Alpendorf - Funpark Snowpark St. Johann im Pongau / Alpendorf - Park St. Johann - Alpendorf - Snow Space Salzburg - Ski amade - Snowboarden

Snowparks Salzburger Land

Snowpark St. Johann im Pongau / Alpendorf

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Snowpark St. Johann im Pongau / Alpendorf

St. Johann - Alpendorf - Snow Space Salzburg - Ski amade


Snowpark Alpendorf - Enjoy Freestyle!

Sankt Johann-Pongau in the stunning Salzburg Land is not just a district capital with a world-famous cathedral. It is also the first entry point into the winter sports paradise Ski amadé. For eight years the resort has operated a professional snow park, which has been extended considerably for this season. This came with an all-new goal for the park: It has been built to deliver fun for freestylers of all riding levels and foster learning new tricks quickly.

The snow park in Snow Space Salzburg offers eight carefully built kickers for riders of all levels.

Apart from freestylers that enjoy sending it high, Snowpark Alpendorf takes care of jibbers, too: It offers around 20 high-quality jibs, including butter box and ride-on tubes as well as kink boxes, spines and jib poles. They all help put big smiles on the faces of freestylers.

For the Snowpark Bergbahnen in Sankt Johann/Pongau it is a given to have the 30 different obstacles shaped daily. Headshaper Mini drives his own snowcat and makes sure that the 1-kilometer gets the highest attention to detail.

For even more shred fun in the Betterpark Alpendorf, the 6-chair lift Hirschkogel helps lap the park quickly from top to bottom. A dedicated chill area as well as free wifi in the park complete the freestyle pleasure in Sant Johann-Alpendorf. High time to check out the Betterpark Alpendorf. By the way: It is easily accessible by train!

Opening hours: 9:00 am - 4.00 pm
Snowpark design: QParks |

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Ski resort St. Johann - Alpendorf - Snow Space Salzburg - Ski amade

Schnee- und Parkstatus

6 hours ago

Snow Report Today, 08:17
Today, 08:17
190 cm
70 cm
45 of 45
Open lifts

Snowpark Alpendorf

Sea level
1740 m
1,000 m

Fun Line
Wenn du sicher auf den Freeskis oder auf dem Snowboard unterwegs bist, wird es Zeit dein Level zu pushen und dich an Obstacles heranzuwagen! Die Fun Line eignet sich optimal für einen leichten Einstieg ins Freestylen oder für den Warm-up-Run. Banked Turns, Bumps, kleine Jumps und Boxen versprechen jede Menge Spaß!

Progression Line
Fühlen sich die Airs und Slides in der Fun Line gut an, dann ran an die Jumps und Jibs der Progression Line! Mit Progression sind auch die in Größe und Schwierigkeit fein abgestuften Parkelemente gemeint. Das Einschätzen von passendem Speed und Absprung wird mit zunehmender Größe schwieriger. Steigere dich deshalb besser schrittweise, fühle dich wohl bei deinen Moves und lande auf deinen Füßen! Hast du das Level für die größten Jumps, dann heißt es: Mehr Speed, mehr Airtime, mehr Style!

Jump 4 m (Kicker)
Jump 6 m (Kicker)
Jump 8 m (Kicker)
Jump 14 m (Kicker)
Flat 3 m (Box)
Roof 3 m (Box)
Rainbow 3 m (Box)
Down 4 m (Box)
Down 6 m (Box)
Roof 6 m (Box)
Wave 9 m (Box)
Curved 9 m (Box)
Rainbow 9 m (Box)
Jump 6 m (Rail)
Down Donkey 6 m (Rail)
Down 8 m (Rail)
Flat Industry 5 m (Rail)
Flat Tube 6 m (Specials)
Down Tube 6 m (Specials)
Tube Transfer 3 x 2 m (Specials)
Jump Funbox 3m (Kicker)
Rail Down 6m (Rail)
Rail Flat 4m (Rail)
Tube Tank 6m (Pipeslide)
Jump Funbox 3m (Kicker)
Butter Box Rainbow 6m (Box)
Butter Box Straight 8m (Box)
Jib Kinktank 7m (Specials)
12m Kicker (Kicker)
5m Up Rail (Rail)
Tube Hover 5m (Pipeslide)
7m Kicker (Kicker)
Rail Down 8m (Rail)
Rail A-Frame 7m (Rail)
Jump Kicker 10m (Kicker)
8m Down/Donkeyout Rail (Rail)
Wave Run (Specials)
Butter Box Elephant 8m (Box)
Jump Kicker 5m (Kicker)
Jump Kicker 8m (Kicker)
Jump Kicker 6m (Kicker)
Jump Kicker 9m (Kicker)
Butter Box Flat 5m (Box)
Jib Pyramide 10m (Specials)
Jump Corner (Kicker)
Rail Down 8m (Rail)
Rail Down/Flat/Down 12m (Rail)

Weitere Informationen

Park Size
Park Designer
Moritz Klammer
Rating 4.0
1 Rating
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