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Ski resort Ravascletto-Sutrio / Monte Zoncolan

900 - 2.000m
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Ravascletto-Sutrio / Monte Zoncolan

900 - 2.000m

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Opening times Winter

08:30 - 16:00

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10.2 km (14)
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8.6 km (6)
3.1 km (3)
21.8 km

Ski resort Ravascletto-Sutrio / Monte Zoncolan

The Zoncolan ski area accessible via Ravascletto and Sutrio, is characterized by a whole series of eastward-oriented slopes. It renders it possible for you to always ski under sunlight, but along slopes not completely exposed to sun rays. The snow never becomes ice, but is always rather soft and pleasant to the touch. All this is really something unique in nearly the whole Alpi chain. In the course of time several facilities have been improved and updated, not to mention real new facilities or services. Today our guests can have fun on a ski area stretching over 693.300m², full of amazing downhill slopes suited to the most different needs and provided with 5 carpets and 7 highly efficient ski_ lift facilities.

A further innovation is the very modern Funifor enabling you to reach almost 1,800mt. on Monte Zoncolan leaving from Ravascletto. Such new facility was inaugurated during the 2007/2008 winter season.

In the same season a new, important slope to ski back to Ravascletto was inaugurated. To offer skiers always new and better chances to have fun, another important infrastructure was inaugurated in the 2009/20010 season: a slope enabling to connect the Lavet slope and the intermediate station of the Funifor thus creating a whole series of new and amusing slopes in the highest part of the Ravascletto ski area. Leaving from Cuel Piciul, in fact you can reach Monte Zoncolan with the cablecar, you can then practice downhill skiing on the Lavet slope and finally ski back to Cuel Piciul via the new slope. This latter offers new interesting chances to ski to our guests, but it is also of basic importance in the event the the Canalone slope is closed for work in progress or similar reasons. The Canalone slope begins at the intermediate station of the cablecar and ends downstream. In a few words it offers excellent new chances of having fun to ski lovers!

The historical Zoncolan slopes: Tamai (Tamai 1,2 and 3) and Zoncolan (Zoncolan 1, 2 ,3 and 4) have hosted international and national competitions which prove the very high quality of such slopes when it comes to top level skiers whose technique is really excellent. So it cannot be a mere a coincidence if several national ski teams, both male and female, have chosen these slopes as their training area. Our national team in particular has chosen such slopes as its preferred training area for professional performances. On the other hand those who are approaching ski for the first time, will have the chance to use the nursery slopes; at the same time good cuisine lovers will have their own equipped area where enjoying tasting the local specialties.

In addition to skiing slopes and facilities, the Zoncolan resort is also equipped a fitness center with indoor swimming pool (inside the "Sportur Hotel" and the "La Perla Hotel"). Very close to the central area where slopes on which downhill skiing from Cima Tamai is practiced, the Ristoro Tamai is glad to welcome our guests and to offer them grilled fish and meat dishes in combination with certified quality wines. Passion for good food is there waiting for you on Monte Zoncolan!

Finally this ski area offers many nice hotels and comfortable accommodation of different kinds. Nearby tourists can visit the famous Centro Termale di Arta (spas)and why not, enjoy several well-being treatments and packages which can be customized: the common object is offering a relaxing and healthy day. So after a day spent skiing our guests will have the opportunity of enjoying wellness and "pleasant pampering" in our spas.

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