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BERGFEX: Ski resort Nara / Leontica-Cancorì - Skiing holiday Nara / Leontica-Cancorì - Winter resort Nara / Leontica-Cancorì

Ski resort Nara / Leontica-Cancorì

Nara / Leontica-Cancorì

875 - 2.153m

Piste map Ski resort Nara / Leontica-Cancorì

Innovations Nara / Leontica-Cancorì

Electrification of the advanced part that is alp of Nara.
New Bar and various improvements to the Restaurant la Pernice. Improvement of the tracks in general terms.

Ski resort Nara / Leontica-Cancorì

*Willkommen in Nara! *

Nara is a sunny skiing area with a wonderful vision over the group of Rhine forest horns (with its 3402 M. ü. M. the highest mountains in Ticino) and over the whole Blenio valley. The skiing area is particularly suitable for families, owing to its broad and well beschneiten runways. Also the favourable prices play an important role.
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Contact Ski resort Nara / Leontica-Cancorì

Ski resort Nara / Leontica-Cancorì

Amici del Nara SA, CH-6716 Acquarossa

+41 (0)79 4298133
Snow telephone
+41 (0)91 8711828
+41 (0)91 8505221
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