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BERGFEX: Cross-country skiing Piani di Bobbio: Cross-country skiing Piani di Bobbio


Cross-country skiing Piani di Bobbio

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Piani di Bobbio

1.700 m

Loipenplan Piani di Bobbio

Always open
The cross-country area Piani di Bobbio is always open, even when the valley already sprouting daisies. Here the trails cater to all cross-country skiers - from beginners to experts. The host of national and international competitions demonstrate the beauty and importance of the cross-country center.

The cross-country track "Rhododendron" at Piani di Bobbio, at an altitude of 1,700 m, is approved for national and international competitions. It is a technical track, peppered with ascents and descents, which was the venue for the Italian Masters Championships (2006) and the Italian Championships (2005). Two versions with 2.5 and 5 km offer fun for less experienced runners.

A well-equipped "cross-country center" provides all the necessary services, the rental of up to locker room, instructors do not forget, or a well-deserved lunch or snack.
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Rundloipe: length 5285 m
Height difference (HD) 47 m
Maximum gradient ascent (MM) 36m
Elevation (MT) 163.2 m height from the lowest point to the highest point at 1673 m 1721 m
Altitude start / finish 1683 m

The Nordic Centre "Tre Signori" is in Loc. Ceresola Valtorta in the city at an altitude of 1360 m at the foot of the highest mountain range in the Alps Orobie Pizzo dei Tre Signori.
The wide tracks with curves and bends in the middle of difficulty lead on gently changing terrain. A total of 5 km of circuit is not available, the distributed than 2 km (beginners course) - 2.5 km - 3.5 km and 4 km can be walked. Thanks to the flat start / finish area and the existence of alternative routes, cross country ski area is ideal workout for the pre-contest, as well as tourists and beginners.

Stopping possibilities

Servizio noleggio sci € 9,00
Orari funivia: 8.30/17.00 lun.-ven. 8.00/17.00 sab. e dom.

Current cross-country ski run info

Cross-country ski-runs Overview
2 classic cross-country ski-runs 10 km
  Piani di Bobbio e Valtarte
2 Skating courses 10 km
  Piani di Bobbio e Valtarte
1 High cross-country skiing 5.3 km
  Piani di Bobbio, 1700 m
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Cabinovia Barzio / Piani di Bobbio

Località La Piazza, I-23816 Barzio (LC)
+39 0341 996101
+39 0341 996265

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