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Ski resort Shuttleberg Flachauwinkl-Kleinarl - Ski amade

Snow report Shuttleberg Flachauwinkl-Kleinarl - Ski amade

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70 cm

Yesterday, 08:54

Snow depths & Snow conditions

Yesterday, 08:54
Snow report
Yesterday, 08:54
Mountain (Piste, 1,980m)
70 cm
Valley (Piste, 1,000m)
40 cm
Snow depth Location (1,000m)
25 cm
Snow condition
Latest snowfall Region
Avalanche alert level
no information
Avalanche alert service

Snow forecast Salzburger Land


Pistes and Lifts

every day
08:45 bis 16.00 Uhr
Piste conditions
very good
Open lifts
7 of 12
Open slopes
42 km of 48.4 km
23 of 33
Valley ski-run
very good
1 of 2 open
Toboggan run
Ice skating rink
9-Days Weather forecast Shuttleberg...


17 hours ago
Operation Lift Type Length
Beginnerslift Kleinarl Cable lift 207 m
Förderband K Magic Carpet Magic carpet 102 m
Champion Shuttle 6-Chair lift 1,028 m
Bubble Shuttle 4-Chair lift 1,636 m
Absolut Shuttle 6-Chair lift 1,025 m
Lumberjack Shuttle 6-Chair lift 2,070 m
Powder Shuttle 6-Chair lift 927 m
Family Shuttle 6-Chair lift 1,638 m
Sunshine Shuttle 6-Chair lift 1,316 m
Beginnerslift Flachauwinkl Cable lift 211 m
Förderband F Magic Carpet Magic carpet -
Panorama Link Cabin lift -


17 hours ago
Operation Piste Length
  Beginner Area Kleinarl 220 m
  Pistentour Kleinarl 2,400 m
  Family Run Champion 3,200 m
  Champion Blacktrail 700 m
  Champion Piste 1,300 m
  Champion Village Trail 700 m
  Bubble Piste 2,200 m
  Family Run Bubble 3,300 m
  Schüttalm Piste 1,300 m
  Lumberjack Piste blau 1,200 m
  Lumberjack Piste rot 850 m
  Fürstwand Trail 1,300 m
  Cross Run - Absolut Park  
  Powder Piste 1,300 m
  Family Run Powder 1,700 m
  Powder Trail 1,200 m
  Burton Lil Stash 250 m
  Burton The Stash 1,500 m
  Speed Course 300 m
  Absolut Piste 1,400 m
  Absolut Panoramapiste 1,400 m
  Family Run Absolut/Family 4,900 m
  Absolut Trail 600 m
  Absolut Park Flachauwinkl 1,500 m
  Family Piste blau 1,800 m
  Family Piste rot 1,800 m
  Family Trail 1,300 m
  Fun Run 100 m
  Sunshine Piste 1,500 m
  Family Run Sunshine 1,800 m
  Race Piste  
  Beginner Area Flachauwinkl 230 m
  Pistentour Flachauwinkl 5,130 m

Cross-country skiing Wagrain - Kleinarl - Ski amade

Cross-country ski run report
Wed, 24.02., 16:24
every day
Cross-country ski-runs classical
6.5 km groomed (Poor in some places)
Cross-country ski-runs skating
15.5 km groomed (good)
Cross-country ski run report Details
Covid-19 Maßnahmen Shuttleberg Flachauwinkl-Kleinarl - Ski amade
Crowd controlled queuing in the cash desk area
Crowd controlled queuing at lifts
Disinfectants in public areas
Antigen test for employees
Ski tickets bookable online

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