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BERGFEX: Snow report Ischgl: Snow depth Ischgl - Snow depths - Schneewerte

Snow report Ischgl

170 cm

Today, 09:47

Snow depths & Snow conditions

Snow report
Today, 09:47
Mountain (Piste)
170 cm
new: 5 cm
Valley (Piste)
100 cm
new: 2 cm
Snow condition
Latest snowfall Region
Sun, 18.02.
Avalanche alert level
Avalanche alert service

Pistes and Lifts

Piste conditions
very good
Open lifts
42 of 45
Open slopes
234 km of 242 km
Valley ski-run
very good
Toboggan run
Ice skating rink


Weather Mountain
Weather Valley
Explanatory note

-11.6 °C

Weather forecast
9-Days Weather forecast Ischgl
Snow forecast


2 minutes ago
Operation Lift Type Points
A1 Cable car/gondola Silvrettabahn Cable car/gondola -
A2 Cable car/gondola Pardatschgratbahn Cable car/gondola -
A3 Cable car/gondola Fimbabahn Cable car/gondola -
B1 6-Chair lift Velillbahn 6-Chair lift -
B2 8-Chair lift Flimjochbahn 8-Chair lift -
B3 8-Chair lift Idjochbahn 8-Chair lift -
B4 Cable lift Greitspitzlift Cable lift -
B5 6-Chair lift Sonnenbahn 6-Chair lift -
B6 Cable lift Übungslift Velill Cable lift -
B7 Cable lift Übungslift Viderböden Cable lift -
B8 6-Chair lift Gratbahn 6-Chair lift -
B9 Magic carpet Förderband Übungsareal Magic carpet -
B10 Magic carpet Förderband Viderböden Magic carpet -
C1 8-Chair lift Höllbodenbahn 8-Chair lift -
C2 6-Chair lift Höllkarbahn 6-Chair lift -
C3 6-Chair lift Sassgalunbahn 6-Chair lift -
C4 6-Chair lift Nachtweidebahn 6-Chair lift -
C5 6-Chair lift Lange Wandbahn 6-Chair lift -
D1 6-Chair lift Palinkopfbahn 6-Chair lift -
D2 6-Chair lift Zeblasbahn 6-Chair lift -
E1 6-Chair lift Paznauner Thayabahn 6-Chair lift -
E2 4-Chair lift Höllspitzbahn 4-Chair lift -
E3 4-Chair lift Bodenalpbahn 4-Chair lift -
E4 4-Chair lift Gampenbahn 4-Chair lift -
E5 Cable car/gondola Piz Val Grondabahn Cable car/gondola -
F1 2-Chair lift Velilleckbahn 2-Chair lift -
F2 Cable car/gondola Pardoramabahn Cable car/gondola -
G1 Cable lift Edelweißlift Cable lift -
G2 Cable lift Schwarzwasserlift Cable lift -
L1 Cable car/gondola Doppelstöckige Pendelbahn Cable car/gondola -
L2 Cable car/gondola Luftseilbahn Cable car/gondola -
M1 4-Chair lift Grivaleabahn 4-Chair lift -
M2 6-Chair lift Mullerbahn 6-Chair lift -
N1 4-Chair lift Flimsattelbahn 4-Chair lift -
N3 Cable lift Milolift Cable lift -
N2 4-Chair lift Visnitzbahn 4-Chair lift -
N4 6-Chair lift Viderjochbahn 1 6-Chair lift -
N5 Cable lift Alp Trider Ecklift Cable lift -
N6 6-Chair lift Alp Tider Sattelbahn 6-Chair lift -
O1 6-Chair lift Greitspitzbahn 6-Chair lift -
O2 Cable lift Blais Grondalift Cable lift -
O4 6-Chair lift Viderjochbahn 2 6-Chair lift -
P1 Cable lift Musellalift Cable lift -
P2 Magic carpet Förderband Musella Magic carpet -
P3 Magic carpet Förderband Musella Magic carpet -


2 minutes ago
Operation Piste Length [m]
1 medium Idalp - Mittelstation Silvrettabahn A2  
1. medium Mittelstation Silvrettabahn A2 - Ischgl  
1a medium Talabfahrt nach Ischgl Dorf Ost  
2 easy Idalp - Höllboden  
2a medium Idalp - Nachtweide Tal  
2b easy Idalp - Nachtweide Tal  
3a Ski route -  
3 medium Idalp - Mittelstation Fimba  
4a Ski route Velilleckbahn Berg - Velilleckbahn Tal  
4 difficult Velilleckbahn Berg - Mittelstation A2  
5 medium Pardatschgrat Westabf. - Mittelstation A2  
5a medium Pardatschgrat  
6 easy Pardatschgrat - Idalp  
6a Ski route Pardatschgrat - Velill  
7 medium Velilltal - Velilleckbahn Tal  
7a medium Velilleckbahn Tal - Pardatschgrat Tal  
7a. Ski route -  
8 easy Velillbahn Berg - Idalp  
9 Ski route Flimjoch Berg - Idalp  
10 medium Flimjoch - Idalp  
11 easy Idjoch - Idalp  
12 medium Idjoch - Höllboden  
12a Ski route Idjoch - Höllkar  
13. medium Greitspitze - Idalp  
13 difficult Beginn Piste Eleven  
14 medium Greitspitze - Idjoch  
14a difficult Greitspitz - Höllkar  
14b medium Greitspitz - Höllkar  
14c difficult Greitspitze - Höllkar  
15 medium Greitspitz - Höllkar  
20 difficult Palinkopf - Palinkopfbahn Tal  
21 difficult Zeblasbahn Berg - Zeblasbahn Tal  
22 easy Palinkopf - Palinkopfbahn Tal  
23 easy Palinkopf Tal - Höllboden  
24 medium Höllkarbahn Berg - Höllkarbahn Tal  
25 medium Sassgalun - Höllboden  
26 Ski route Höllkar  
26a Ski route Höllkar  
30 medium Sassgalun - Paznauner Thaya  
31 medium Sassgalun - Paznauner Thaya  
32 medium Höllspitz - Restaurant Schwarzwand  
33 difficult -  
34 difficult Höllspitz - Paznauner Thaya  
35 difficult Höllspitz - Paznauner Thaya  
36 medium Paznauner Thaya - Bodenalp  
37 medium Bodenalpbahn Berg - Fimbamitte  
38 medium Höllspitzbahn Berg - Gampen  
39 Ski route Palinkopf - Gampenalp  
40 medium Palinkopf - Gampenalp  
40a medium Palinkopf - Gampenalp  
40a Ski route Palinkopf - Gampenalp  
40b easy Gampenbahn Tal - Bodenalpe  
40c medium Gampenalp  
41 medium Palinkopf - Palinkopf - Piz Val Gronda Tal  
41. Ski route Palinkopf - Piz Val Gronda Tal  
42 medium Piz Val Gronda - Piz Val Gronda Talstation  
42. Ski route Piz Val Gronda - Piz Val Gronda Tal  
60 easy Alp Trida - Samnaun Laret  
61 medium Grivaleabahn Tal - Samnaun Laret  
62 easy Viderjoch - Alp Trida  
62a medium Viderjoch - Alp Trida  
63 easy Idjoch - Alp Trida  
64 easy Idjoch - Salaas  
65 medium Visnitzbahn Berg - Alp Trida  
65a medium Visnitzbahn Berg - Alp Trida  
66 medium Visnitzbahn Berg - Alp Bella  
67 medium Mullerbahn Berg - Alp Trida  
68 medium Muller Berg - Muller Tal  
68a medium Muller Berg - Muller Tal  
69 easy Alp Trida Sattel - Alp Trida  
69a easy Alp Trida Sattel - Alp Trida  
69b medium Alp Trida Sattel - Alp Trida  
70 medium Greitspitze - Salaas  
70a medium Greitspitze - Salaas  
71 easy Viderjochbahn Berg - Salaas  
72 difficult Greitspitze - 72a  
72a medium Idjoch - Salaas  
76 medium Grivaleabahn Berg - Grivaleabahn Tal  
80 medium Schipiste nach Samnaun Dorf  
80a easy zum Twinliner  
80b easy zum Twinliner  
81 difficult Zeblasbahn Berg - Samnaun  

Cross-country ski run report
Today, 08:08
every day
Cross-country ski-runs classical
65.8 km groomed (very good)
Cross-country ski-runs skating
66.8 km groomed (very good)

  Cross-country ski-runs (9) Status km


Nachtloipe Galtür-Wirl (classical, skating)
very good 2.2 of 2.3 km
Wald Loipe (classical, skating)
very good 5.0 of 5.4 km
Tschaffein Loipe (classical, skating)
very good 3.3 of 3.2 km
Galtür-Wirl-Loipe (classical, skating)
very good 6.5 of 6.2 km
very good 1.0 of 1.0 km
very good 19.0 of 19.0 km
Höhenloipe Zeinis - Kops (classical, skating)
very good 11.5 of 11.6 km


Ischgl Loipe (classical, skating)
very good 5.0 of 4.9 km
Mathon Loipe (classical, skating)
very good 5.5 of 5.6 km

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