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Cross-country skiing Engadin Scuol Zernez

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Engadin Scuol Zernez

1.000 - 2.150m

Loipenplan Engadin Scuol Zernez
Cross-country ski-runs Today, 13:16
Today, 13:16
21 km
21 km
Current operation: every day

In addition to the "Loipa Dario Cologna ", which was dedicated as a training track in honour of the World Cup and Olympic champion of the same name - the 30.5 km long valley track between Scuol and Martina is a highlight for cross-country skiers and for 43 years now has been the basis for the traditional folk run "Passlung Martina-Scuol ".

Furthermore, the connection to the cross-country ski run of the Engadin Skimarathon awaits you in Giarsun, Lavin, Susch and Zernez as well as in Ardez, Ftan, Tarasp, Zernez and on the Motta Naluns round tracks with various challenges.

An overview of the trails in the Engadin Scuol Zernez holiday region can be found online at or on the winter map, which is available free of charge to all guest information.

The cross-country ski runs are located between 1040 - 2142 m above sea level. The longest continuous cross-country ski run is the Scuol-Martina with 31.5 km.

Information on snow and cross-country skiing trail conditions is available daily at


Preise der Langlaufpässe

Schweizer Langlaufpass CHF 160.00
Regionalpass (Zernez-Martina) CHF 90.00
Wochenkarte (Unter-, Oberengadin) CHF 30.00
Tageskarte (Unter-, Oberengadin) CHF 10.00
Engadin Langlauf Saisonpass (Maloja-Zernez) nur in der GI Zernez CHF 80.00

Kinder bis 16 Jahre können die Loipen gratis benutzen.

Stopping possibilities

In den einzelnen Dörfern sowie bei den Einstiegen.

Current cross-country ski run info

+41 (0)81 861 88 00
Cross-country ski-runs Overview
classic cross-country ski-runs
98 km
Längste Loipe: Talloipe Scuol-Martina, 21 km (mit Zusatzschlaufen 30.5 km). Tipp: Anschluss an die Loipe des Engadin Skimarathons ab Giarsun, Lavin, Susch und Zernez.
Skating courses
97 km
Top-Tipp: Loipe «Dario Cologna» in Ftan. Seine Trainingsloipe wurde dem Weltcup- und Olympiasieger zu Ehren gewidmet.
High trails
2.5 km
Höhen- und Panoramaloipe Motta Naluns auf 2142 m ü. M.
Floodlit cross-country ski runs
10 km
Ardez 1,5 km, Ftan 2,0 km, Scuol 3,1 km, Zernez 3,3 km
Rating 5.0
9 Ratings
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In Ftan, Scuol und Zernez möglich

Cross-country ski Service

In Ftan, Scuol und Zernez möglich

Ski resorts
Contact Tourist information office

Gäste-Information Scuol

Stradun, CH-7550 Scuol
+41 81 8618800

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