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BERGFEX: Cross-country skiing Les Prés-d`Orvin - Chasseral: Cross-country skiing Les Prés-d`Orvin - Chasseral

Jura & Drei-Seen-Land

Cross-country skiing Les Prés-d`Orvin - Chasseral


Les Prés-d`Orvin - Chasseral

1.120 - 1.540m

Loipenplan Les Prés-d`Orvin - Chasseral

“We knew that here we would find a huge network of pistes linking some of the Farm Restaurants (métairie) in the Regional Park Chasseral. So we decided to travel a few kilometres on skis, so we could enjoy a wonderful day and make a little effort along the way. When we stopped off at one of the Farm Restaurants, where we were offered a fondue made with Tête de Moine cheese! Time passed so quickly that we finished our journey at the end of the day, by which time night had fallen. It was such a beautiful moment!”

Les Prés-d'Orvin - Chasseral
50 km - classic
50 km - skating

Good to know

  • Opening times, piste condition / download snow report or call T. 0900 556 900 / (CHF -.50 per call/CHF -.50/min.)
  • Opening times, piste condition daytime T. +41 (0) 32 322 66 26.
  • Métairie du Milieu, Bienne T. +41 (0) 32 943 10 34.
  • Métairie de Prêles. T. +41 (0) 32 322 00 13.
  • Métairie de Gléresse, Bison Ranch, Métairie d'Evilard.
  • Auberge des pistes, Nods T. +41 (0) 32 751 46 10.
  • To ensure the maintenance of the runs, please obtain a "cross-country skiing" voucher. Tickets to access the cross-country skiing pistes are available from Jura bernois Tourisme, St-Imier.



Schweizer Langlaufpass CHF 140.- (ganze Schweiz gültig auf über 5500 km)
Jura-Pass CHF 80.- ( ganzer Schweizer Jura)
Lokaler Pass CHF 50.-
Tageskarte CHF 10.-
Parking CHF 5.-/Tag (mit Saisonpass gratis)

Stopping possibilities

In den 6 Métairien an den Loipen und 3 Restaurants in Les Prés-d'Orvin

Bus 25 min ab Bahnfof Biel od. 15 min. per Auto ab Autobahnkreisel Biel Ost

Current cross-country ski run info

+41 (0)32 322 66 26
Cross-country ski-runs Overview
10 classic cross-country ski-runs 45 km
  Leicht bis anspruchsvoll
9 Skating courses 45 km
  Alle Schwierigkeitsgrade
10 High cross-country skiing 45 km
  Alle Loipen liegen auf über 1000 müM
1 Floodlit cross-country ski runs 2 km
  Nachtloipe im Langlaufzentrum Montag - Freitag ab Dämmerung bis 21:00 Uhr beleuchtet.
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Im Langlaufzentrum vor Ort. Ebenfalls Langlaufschule für Gruppen und privat

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