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Packages All Inclusive Oberndorf in Tirol: Summer All-inclusive prices Oberndorf in Tirol

All Inclusive Oberndorf in Tirol


Kirchdorf in Tirol

Hotel Pension Tasma
- 1 week with halfboard in a douple room; full facilities - Sauna and Steam-Bath, - Breakfast-Buffet - 3 Course Menue or Vegetarian Menue - and a 6 day Skipass - Schneewinkel
4 Nights
from €258.00
- 14.04.2015
Hotel Pension Tasma
1 week Breakfast Buffet Choise menue Saladbuffet Sauna Infraredcabine + 6 day Skipass-Schneewinkel 178 km pist´s in 10 places! St.Johann, Kirchdorf, Steinplatte, Waidring,...
7 Nights
- 22.04.2015

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