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Packages Romantic holidays Söll - SkiWelt: All-inclusive prices Söll - SkiWelt - - Tyrol - Austria

Romantic holidays Söll - SkiWelt


Going am Wilden Kaiser

Cordial Sport Hotel Going
Take a wellness break at Cordial Sporthotel in Going. The ideal package for a gourmet and wellness weekend! 2 nights in our comfortable double rooms and junior suites with marvellous view to...
2 Nights
- 11.10.2016

Scheffau am Wilden Kaiser

Gasthof Weberbauer
Most people dream of a nice and refreshing holiday with the partner but to pay only for one and having the second for free - this is something the most people won' t even dream of! Here in the...
5 Nights
from €212.50
- 16.10.2016

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