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bergfex: Ski resort Sölden: Skiing holiday Sölden - Winter resort Sölden

Ski resort Sölden


1.350 - 3.340m

Piste map Ski resort Sölden

Snow statistics

yesterday, 08:09 299 cm 84 cm 18 from 33
  Mountain Valley Open lifts

Innovations Sölden

NEW WASSERKAR 6-person Chair-Lift


In the coming 2014/2015 winter season winter sport fans can look forward to a highly attractive upgrade in the Sölden ski area. A detachable 6-seater chair lift promises even more comfort on Gaislachkogl, the resort's favorite ski mountain.
After completion of the spectacular IceQ gourmet and design restaurant on top of Gaislachkogl peak at 3048 meters altitude, Bergbahnen Sölden Mountain Lift Company is centering on further investments for the 2014/2015 winter season. A completely new chair lift model, produced by Austria's market leader Doppelmayr, replaces the old Wasserkar lift. The state-of-the-art six-seater chair lift boasts a total hourly capacity of 2400 persons, and is equipped with comfy weather protection covers for unlimited skiing fun in all weathers. Additionally, the new base station of Wasserkar can be found about half a kilometer below the old terminal. Positive side effect: riding times on the longer mountain lift are 2 minutes shorter thanks to top modern lift technologies.
More safety on the ski lift
The new chair lift features a truly innovative safety system. Restraining devices are locked automatically and can't be opened during the lift ride. After leaving the base station the restraining bar must be locked manually and can be opened only shortly before you leave the mountain lift.
Attractive skiing terrain
The new Wasserkar lift ensures even more skiing fun on Gaislachkogl mountain as the base station is built about half a kilometer further down and the scenic black ski run will be one and a half kilometers longer than before. Furthermore a new blue ski run of intermediate difficulty leads from the middle station of Gaislachkogl mountain gondola to the new Wasserkar base station, promising unlimited skiing fun also for less advanced skiers who want to reach the area surrounding Gaislach and Heidebahn 6-seater chair lift.

Ski resort Sölden

As one of Austria’s top ski resorts, Sölden nestles between three mountains over three thousand metres, a.k.a the BIG 3, which can be reached via ultra-modern cable car systems.

Snow is absolutely guaranteed, thanks to...

  • the ski area’s altitude (1,377 – 3,250m)
  • 2 Glacier ski areas and
  • the use of snow machines on all slopes below 2,200 m
  • 33 ultra-modern lift systems capable of transporting 68,000 people per hour, and over 144 km of slopes…
  • Winter ski area and glacier ski area are linked via the Golden Gate to the Glacier.

BIG3 - 3 3,000 m mountains in a ski area accessed by state of the art equipment

  • Gaislachkogl (3,058 m) with a large viewing platform
  • Tiefenbachkogl (3,250 m) with a 25 m long suspension bridge 60 m above ground and a wonderful view of the Wildspitze (3,776 m)
  • Schwarze Schneide (3,340 m) with a natural platform and a 360° aerial view as far as the Dolomites (over 110 km)

Explore the entire area, including the BIG3 peaks, on the new BIG3 rally, with 50 km of slopes – a unique experience.

Sölden, 1,377 m
Sölden, the World Cup location, represents the intense power of winter and is one of Europe’s most popular ski and snowboarding centres with 34 lifts, which serve the Gaislachkogl, the Giggijoch and the Ötztaler glaciers over 149.5 km of slopes. Sölden has a population of approx. 3,000.

Hochsölden, 2,090 m
Elevated pleasures from 2,090 m to 3,249 m. That’s Hochsölden (9 km from Sölden). Where downhill is the rule of thumb elsewhere, the fun really gets going here in Hochsölden, with its connection to the Golden Gate to the Glacier. The panorama is simply stunning, the runs challenging and snowy skiing pleasure is guaranteed.


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Contact Ski resort Sölden

Ski resort Sölden

Dorfstraße 115, A-6450 Sölden

+43 (0)5254 508
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