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Snowpark Stubai Zoo - Funpark Stubai Zoo - Park Stubaier Gletscher / Stubaital - Snowboarden

Stubai Zoo

Stubaier Gletscher / Stubaital

Funpark Stubai Zoo

In the middle of Austria's largest ski resort, the Stubai Glacier in Tyrol, the snowpark "Stubai Zoo" has its home. In 3.100 meters height right besides the Gaisskarferner the snowpark is 100-percent snow proof from October on. Thanks to its south-facing slope and direct sunlight soft landings from early to late as well as long shred sessions are guaranteed.

The parks uses the space of several hectares and offers lines for beginners, ams and pros. No matter how skilled you are - the Stubai Zoo offers the obstacles for your needs. And if you want to chill out a bit - come over, too. We have a sick park base with deck chairs, sound and co.

Every year the season at Stubai Zoo starts with Stubai Premiere with many events, board tests and great partys in the from October, 16th - 18th 2016. Depending on the weather the park will be in its winter-setup from beginning of December 2016 on. But even in the trimmed version the park will offer more obstacles for experienced riders. And the added Fun-Run will - as its name already says - brings lots of fun and joy for Freestyle-Beginners and Pros.

In spring the park extends and enlarges! At first glance, it’s already obvious that the park on the Stubai glacier, Tyrol is significantly larger. Therefore, the pro-and medium lines are separated, because the space is required! The proline will be - as it was in the fall - on the right side of the lift. Easy- and Medium Line spread out around the park base on the left side of the lift.

The winter-setup as well as the spring-setup will offer lots of obstacles fitting for every level of riding. When it's gets to much for you and your legs get tired, just chill in the park base. From the lounge chairs you have a perfect view over the whole park.

More information about the snowpark can be be found at At you can see how to get to Stubai Glacier and also get an overview of the ticket prices.

Ski resort Stubaier Gletscher / Stubaital

Schnee- und Parkstatus

Leider keine aktuellen Parkinformationen vorhanden.

Snow statistics

Sun, 18.06., 08:20 150 cm - 0 of 26
  Mountain Valley Open lifts
Schibetrieb von 08:00 Uhr bis 12.30 Uhr. Letzte Talfahrt um 16.15 Uhr ab Bergstation Gamsgarten.

Stubai Zoo

Sea level
3100 m

Stubai Zoo
... is the name of the snowpark in the middle of the biggest glacier skiing area of Austria. Its unique situation on 3100 meters directly at the Gaisskarferner also guarantees the advantages of a solar slope beside 100%th snowy security. On an area of more than five hectares different obstacle lines are available to you.

The park design for the 2015/2016 will be similar to the one from last year. The Easy- and Medium-Line will be located on the left side of the lift because there is more space available.With smaller to semi-big jumps and several boxes equipped, it is the fun guarantee for kids, starters, playful jobbers and even experienced rides with big freestyle-potential.
On the other side of the area, in the pro line, is the place where it's gonna get big. The obstacles are combined in difficult lines. This was also the area where the Stubai Prime Park Sessions are going to take place and where lots of well-known snowboard- and free ski-pros trained for the Olympic Games in Sotchi 2014.

Of course there the park base is back for the 2015/16 season. The big container including a sound system, some deck chairs and a couple more features invites every tired rider to chill and relax.

Earth-based elements
No earthwork.
straight Box
Straight Industry (Rail)
kinked Rail
kinked Box
Triple Stepdown Rail (Rail)
butter Box
Bridge (Specials)
Butter Rainbow (Box)
Park Base (Specials)
Couch (Box)
Couch (Box)
easy (Kicker)
down (Rail)
double kinked Rail
Double Kinked Tank (Specials)
Trannyfinder (Rail)
Hip Jump (Specials)
Vulcano Tank (Specials)
high (Rail)
Canon (Specials)
down (Rail)
industry (Rail)
wallride Specials

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