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Ski resort Serfaus - Fiss - Ladis: Skiing holiday Serfaus - Fiss - Ladis - Skiing Serfaus - Fiss - Ladis - Skiing

Ski resort Serfaus - Fiss - Ladis

Serfaus - Fiss - Ladis

1.200 - 2.820m

Piste map Ski resort Serfaus - Fiss - Ladis

Innovations Serfaus - Fiss - Ladis

The coolest kids restaurants of the Alps: “Murmlirest“ und “Starrest“
Both restaurants are located at the Komperdell midway station and are directly accessible from the Kinderschneealm. The “Murmlirest” was developed for kids under the age of 6 years and shows in its 4 restaurant areas the story of “Murmli and the snow ghost”. That is where the ski instructors eat together with the children in the one-hour lunch break and explore the different story stations. At the “Starrest” the kids from the age of 6 years and older can make an exciting journey through the sportive and adventurous world of the winter. The kids and teens can enjoy their lunch in one of the 7 totally different featured rooms. At the room “Freestyle” there is a skier jumping off the wall as a graffiti, the room “Time Warp” is a time journey through the history of skiing and at the “Race Room” the ski instructors and the students can analyse race scenes which have been recorded before in the context of the ski school training.

Expansion of the snow making systems in Serfaus
With the new build reservoir “Hög“ in Serfaus, which has a volume of 200.000 m³, the power of the snow making systems can be increased even more.
Numerous slopes and parts of the ski area can get covered in snow within 3 to 4 days, when the temperature is optimal.
This extension guarantees you a higher and also the best snow- and slope conditions, even when mother nature needs a little break with making her snow.

New Sports shop/ Ski rental at the Waldbahn Fiss
Located directly at the Valley terminal of the Waldbahn Fiss-Serfaus you can find a new, modern Sports shop with rental.
This shop glares with various product lines and the newest ski models, which are always well prepared and waiting to be tested.

New slope und ski routes Fiss/Ladis
The “Lange Abfahrt“ brings you from the Frommesabfahrt directly to the Ladisabfahrt.
It is a red slope, has a lenght of 1,2 km, is up to 80 m wide and equiped with a snow maker.
Also new is the ski route “Skyline“ which has a lenght of 2 km starting from the Schöngamp mountain and reaching back to the Frommesabfahrt.

Slope numbering at the whole ski area Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis
All slopes and downhill skiing opportunities of Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis are numbered since this winter.

Skimovie slope at the Northside of Fiss
Feel like a ski racer and get filmed on the paralell race track by a special video camera.
You can analyse your skiing skills and also send your video right to your friends at home – this is how you become a movie star on your vacation!
You can find this slope on the northside of Fiss.

Ski resort Serfaus - Fiss - Ladis

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Boundless, and extremely well-groomed:
A non-slip base and velvety white surface…this sums up the slope conditions in “Tyrol’s Ski Dimension“ extremely well. All this is made possible by a high-class care programme designed to get the 180 km of slopes into great shape – night after night. 53 high-performance, luxury cable cars and lifts purr along at 1,200m – 2,800 m above sea level and help you make the most of this winter wonderland.
It’s so wonderful to be a child.
This is certainly the case in “Tyrol’s Ski Dimension“. The region boasts what is probably the best range of children’s entertainment for families with kids in the Alps, from ”Berta’s Kid’s Paradise” in Fiss and the “Kid’s Snow Alp” and “Murmli Park” in the middle of Serfaus.
News from “Tyrol’s Ski Dimension“.
It goes without saying that there’s a whole host of new things to discover in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis… flying in Fiss, snowmobile course for adults, flight & cross park, family park, heated seating on the Schöngamp cable car, Alpine station, Murmlikrippe (marmot centre), ...

Contact Ski resort Serfaus - Fiss - Ladis

Ski resort Serfaus - Fiss - Ladis

Seilbahnstraße 44, A-6533 Fiss

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