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BERGFEX: Ski resort Petzen - Feistritz ob Bleiburg: Skiing holiday Petzen - Feistritz ob Bleiburg - Winter resort Petzen - Feistritz ob Bleiburg

Ski resort Petzen - Feistritz ob Bleiburg

Petzen - Feistritz ob Bleiburg

650 - 1.900m

Piste map Ski resort Petzen - Feistritz ob Bleiburg

Innovations Petzen - Feistritz ob Bleiburg

Thank you for your visit in the winterseason 15/16.

It would be a pleasure to meet you in the summerseason again.

Ski resort Petzen - Feistritz ob Bleiburg

On the Petzen you have a great view of the Jaun Valley and the surrounding mountains, hills and lakes. Cross-country skiing, skiing, snowboarding, tobogganing, ice skating all of this you'll find right on your door step!
The Petzen is the most southern ski mountain of Austria and has a reputation of being very attractive and - not too expensive. With the modern Petzen cable car you'll get up to an altitude of 1700 m in only a few minutes. From there the Siebenhütten-lift takes you further up the mountain. There is no limit to the fun of skiing on the Petzen. Skiers, carvers and snowboarders alike will enjoy the more than 20 km of slopes (including the 12 km long downhill run into the valley).
In the area of the valley you find cross country training runs (with snow making systems).

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Contact Ski resort Petzen - Feistritz ob Bleiburg

Ski resort Petzen - Feistritz ob Bleiburg

Unterort 52, A-9143 Feistritz ob Bleiburg

+43 (0)4235 2246
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+43 (0)4235 2246
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