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Ski resort Fichtelberg - Oberwiesenthal: Skiing holiday Fichtelberg - Oberwiesenthal - Skiing Fichtelberg - Oberwiesenthal - Skiing

Ski resort Fichtelberg - Oberwiesenthal

Fichtelberg - Oberwiesenthal

911 - 1.215m

Piste map Ski resort Fichtelberg - Oberwiesenthal

Snow statistics

today, 07:25 25 cm 15 cm 1 from 7
  Mountain Valley Open lifts
Ab Morgen bis Montag sind die Lifte 2 , 5 und der Vierersessellift von 9.00 Uhr bis 16.00 Uhr in Betrieb. Die Schwebebahn fährt noch bis zum 12.04.15
Fichtelberg Schwebebahn von 09.00 Uhr bis 17.00 Uhr

Innovations Fichtelberg - Oberwiesenthal

From 2 day ticket on, you have this year the opportunity to take advantage to have free access to the ski resort Klinovec with all multi-day passes, points cards and dial-subscription cards.
More information at

Ski resort Fichtelberg - Oberwiesenthal

Welcome to the ski resort Fichtelberg on the "roof" of the Ore Mountains

On varied slopes down into the valley, it is the most important ski resort of the new states in Germany. On a total of 15.5 km of slopes, beginners to professionals come at their expense and in specially created Funpark snowboarders can show what they can do. For sledding enthusiasts, the resort Fichtelberg got a toboggan run from Fichtelberg into the valley. For fans of fast track entry, it is possible to book a hotel directly on the ski slopes.

Contact Ski resort Fichtelberg - Oberwiesenthal

Ski resort Fichtelberg - Oberwiesenthal

Vierenstraße 10, D-09484 Kurort Oberwiesenthal

Snow telephone
Mountain railways Tourist association

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