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BERGFEX: Snow report Ischgl: Snow depth Ischgl - Snow depths - Schneewerte

Snow report Ischgl

Snow depths & Snow conditions

Snow report
today, 12:02
Mountain (Piste)
Snow condition
no info
Latest snowfall Region
Avalanche alert level
no information
Avalanche alert service

Pistes and Lifts

Piste conditions
no info
Open lifts
5 of 45
Toboggan run
Ice skating rink


Weather Mountain
some clouds
Weather Valley
some clouds
Explanatory note

7.7 °C

Weather forecast
9-Days Weather forecast Ischgl
Snow forecast


1 hour ago
Operation Lift Type Points
A1 Cable car/gondola Silvrettabahn Cable car/gondola -
A2 Cable car/gondola Pardatschgratbahn Cable car/gondola -
A3 Cable car/gondola Fimbabahn Cable car/gondola -
B1 6-Chair lift Velillbahn 6-Chair lift -
B2 8-Chair lift Flimjochbahn 8-Chair lift -
B3 8-Chair lift Idjochbahn 8-Chair lift -
B4 Cable lift Greitspitzlift Cable lift -
B5 6-Chair lift Sonnenbahn 6-Chair lift -
B6 Cable lift Übungslift Velill Cable lift -
B7 Cable lift Übungslift Viderböden Cable lift -
B8 6-Chair lift Gratbahn 6-Chair lift -
B9 Magic carpet Förderband Übungsareal Magic carpet -
B10 Magic carpet Förderband Viderböden Magic carpet -
C1 8-Chair lift Höllbodenbahn 8-Chair lift -
C2 6-Chair lift Höllkarbahn 6-Chair lift -
C3 6-Chair lift Sassgalunbahn 6-Chair lift -
C4 6-Chair lift Nachtweidebahn 6-Chair lift -
C5 6-Chair lift Lange Wandbahn 6-Chair lift -
D1 6-Chair lift Palinkopfbahn 6-Chair lift -
D2 6-Chair lift Zeblasbahn 6-Chair lift -
E1 6-Chair lift Paznauner Thayabahn 6-Chair lift -
E2 4-Chair lift Höllspitzbahn 4-Chair lift -
E3 4-Chair lift Bodenalpbahn 4-Chair lift -
E4 4-Chair lift Gampenbahn 4-Chair lift -
E5 Cable car/gondola Piz Val Grondabahn Cable car/gondola -
F1 2-Chair lift Velilleckbahn 2-Chair lift -
F2 Cable car/gondola Pardoramabahn Cable car/gondola -
G1 Cable lift Edelweißlift Cable lift -
G2 Cable lift Schwarzwasserlift Cable lift -
L1 Cable car/gondola Doppelstöckige Pendelbahn Cable car/gondola -
L2 Cable car/gondola Luftseilbahn Cable car/gondola -
M1 4-Chair lift Grivaleabahn 4-Chair lift -
M2 6-Chair lift Mullerbahn 6-Chair lift -
N1 4-Chair lift Flimsattelbahn 4-Chair lift -
N3 Cable lift Milolift Cable lift -
N2 4-Chair lift Visnitzbahn 4-Chair lift -
N4 6-Chair lift Viderjochbahn 1 6-Chair lift -
N5 Cable lift Alp Trider Ecklift Cable lift -
N6 6-Chair lift Alp Tider Sattelbahn 6-Chair lift -
O1 6-Chair lift Greitspitzbahn 6-Chair lift -
O2 Cable lift Blais Grondalift Cable lift -
O4 6-Chair lift Viderjochbahn 2 6-Chair lift -
P1 Cable lift Musellalift Cable lift -
P2 Magic carpet Förderband Musella Magic carpet -
P3 Magic carpet Förderband Musella Magic carpet -


1 hour ago
Operation Piste Length [m]
1 medium Idalp - Mittelstation Silvrettabahn A2  
1. medium Mittelstation Silvrettabahn A2 - Ischgl  
1a medium Talabfahrt nach Ischgl Dorf Ost  
2 easy Idalp - Höllboden  
2a medium Idalp - Nachtweide Tal  
2b easy Idalp - Nachtweide Tal  
3a Variant -  
3 medium Idalp - Mittelstation Fimba  
4a Variant Velilleckbahn Berg - Velilleckbahn Tal  
4 difficult Velilleckbahn Berg - Mittelstation A2  
5 medium Pardatschgrat Westabf. - Mittelstation A2  
5a medium Pardatschgrat  
6 easy Pardatschgrat - Idalp  
6a Variant Pardatschgrat - Velill  
7 medium Velilltal - Velilleckbahn Tal  
7a medium Velilleckbahn Tal - Pardatschgrat Tal  
7a. Variant -  
8 easy Velillbahn Berg - Idalp  
9 Variant Flimjoch Berg - Idalp  
10 medium Flimjoch - Idalp  
11 easy Idjoch - Idalp  
12 medium Idjoch - Höllboden  
12a Variant Idjoch - Höllkar  
13. medium Greitspitze - Idalp  
13 difficult Beginn Piste Eleven  
14 medium Greitspitze - Idjoch  
14a difficult Greitspitz - Höllkar  
14b medium Greitspitz - Höllkar  
14c difficult Greitspitze - Höllkar  
15 medium Greitspitz - Höllkar  
20 difficult Palinkopf - Palinkopfbahn Tal  
21 difficult Zeblasbahn Berg - Zeblasbahn Tal  
22 easy Palinkopf - Palinkopfbahn Tal  
23 easy Palinkopf Tal - Höllboden  
24 medium Höllkarbahn Berg - Höllkarbahn Tal  
25 medium Sassgalun - Höllboden  
26 Variant Höllkar  
26a Variant Höllkar  
30 medium Sassgalun - Paznauner Thaya  
31 medium Sassgalun - Paznauner Thaya  
32 medium Höllspitz - Restaurant Schwarzwand  
33 difficult -  
34 difficult Höllspitz - Paznauner Thaya  
35 difficult Höllspitz - Paznauner Thaya  
36 medium Paznauner Thaya - Bodenalp  
37 medium Bodenalpbahn Berg - Fimbamitte  
38 medium Höllspitzbahn Berg - Gampen  
39 Variant Palinkopf - Gampenalp  
40 medium Palinkopf - Gampenalp  
40a medium Palinkopf - Gampenalp  
40a Variant Palinkopf - Gampenalp  
40b easy Gampenbahn Tal - Bodenalpe  
40c medium Gampenalp  
41 medium Palinkopf - Palinkopf - Piz Val Gronda Tal  
41. Variant Palinkopf - Piz Val Gronda Tal  
42 medium Piz Val Gronda - Piz Val Gronda Talstation  
60 easy Alp Trida - Samnaun Laret  
61 medium Grivaleabahn Tal - Samnaun Laret  
62 easy Viderjoch - Alp Trida  
62a medium Viderjoch - Alp Trida  
63 easy Idjoch - Alp Trida  
64 easy Idjoch - Salaas  
65 medium Visnitzbahn Berg - Alp Trida  
65a medium Visnitzbahn Berg - Alp Trida  
66 medium Visnitzbahn Berg - Alp Bella  
67 medium Mullerbahn Berg - Alp Trida  
68 medium Muller Berg - Muller Tal  
68a medium Muller Berg - Muller Tal  
69 easy Alp Trida Sattel - Alp Trida  
69a easy Alp Trida Sattel - Alp Trida  
69b medium Alp Trida Sattel - Alp Trida  
70 medium Greitspitze - Salaas  
70a medium Greitspitze - Salaas  
71 easy Viderjochbahn Berg - Salaas  
72 difficult Greitspitze - 72a  
72a medium Idjoch - Salaas  
76 medium Grivaleabahn Berg - Grivaleabahn Tal  
80 medium Schipiste nach Samnaun Dorf  
80a easy zum Twinliner  
80b easy zum Twinliner  
81 difficult Zeblasbahn Berg - Samnaun  
42. Variant Piz Val Gronda - Piz Val Gronda Tal  

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