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BERGFEX: Ski resort Skilifte Ibergeregg - Skiing holiday Skilifte Ibergeregg - Winter resort Skilifte Ibergeregg

Skilifte Ibergeregg

Skilifte Ibergeregg

1.360 - 1.600m

Piste map Ski resort Skilifte Ibergeregg

Innovations Skilifte Ibergeregg

Saisonkarten Skilifte Ibergeregg
Familienrabatt ab 3 Personen 10 %
Geführte Schneeschuh Wanderungen ab 5 Personen

Ski resort Skilifte Ibergeregg

Lifts Ibergeregg, Kulm and Alpstubli

Family friendly and snowsafe ski resort, 2 ski lifts right outside the hotel at the pass, 300 parking spaces (serviced by OAK), sports rental shop, snow sports school, large panoramic terrace.

  • Kulm ski lift: 800m length, 1100 persons / h
  • Alpstubli ski lift: 400m length, 1050 persons / h
Rating 1.9
Meine Bewertung
88 Ratings

Contact Ski resort Skilifte Ibergeregg

Ski resort Skilifte Ibergeregg

Skilifte Ibergeregg / Rubli-Betriebs AG
Ibergeregg, CH-8843 Oberiberg

+41 (0)811 7184
Snow telephone
+41 (0)811 3621
+41 (0)811 5633
Mountain railways Tourist association

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