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bergfex: Ski resort Dreiländereck - Arnoldstein: Skiing holiday Dreiländereck - Arnoldstein - Winter resort Dreiländereck - Arnoldstein

Ski resort Dreiländereck - Arnoldstein

Dreiländereck - Arnoldstein

680 - 1.600m

Piste map Ski resort Dreiländereck - Arnoldstein

Snow statistics

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Ski resort Dreiländereck - Arnoldstein

The southernmost ski mountain in the region of Villach (altitude 680-1600 m) has been an attraction for sporty locals since the 30s.

Skiiers and Snowboarders can expect about 9 lifts, a lot of sun, 17 kilometers of perfect ski slopes, a children's area and a 8.4 km long toboggan run!

The manager Horst Winkler and his team ensure excellent slopes and safe transportation at the border triangle between Austria, Slovenia and Italy!


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Contact Ski resort Dreiländereck - Arnoldstein

Ski resort Dreiländereck - Arnoldstein

Seltschach 125, A-9601 Arnoldstein

+43 (0)4255 2585 5
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+43 (0)4255 25855
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