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Ski resort Arralifte Harmanschlag: Skiing holiday Arralifte Harmanschlag - Skiing Arralifte Harmanschlag - Skiing

Ski resort Arralifte Harmanschlag

Arralifte Harmanschlag

734 - 857m

Piste map Ski resort Arralifte Harmanschlag

Snow statistics

03/19/2015, 07:38 10 cm 5 cm 0 from 2
  Mountain Valley Open lifts

Innovations Arralifte Harmanschlag

*** Ladies Ski Night jeden Mittwoch ab 16 Uhr - Details auf

*** 50% Rabattgutschein für Teilnehmer der Schi- und Snowboardkurse auf Saisonkarten 2014/2015!

*** Aktion auf Saisonkarten 2014/2015 im Vorverkauf*, -30% bis 30. November, -10% bis 21. Dezember

Ski resort Arralifte Harmanschlag

Harmanschlag is situated in the north-western part of the Waldviertel in Lower Austria. The operation of the lifts is guaranteed by the use of artificial snow. Especially popular is skiing in the evenings until 8.45 pm. In peak season up to 4 flood light evenings are offered. In Harmanschlag the guests can use 3 ski tows. Slopes are prepared on a daily basis. Your physical well-being is being taken care of by the restaurants along the slopes and in the surrounding area. Many ski and snowboard courses are offered for beginners in Harmanschlag. Sport fans find a fine family ski paradise in Harmanschlag.

Contact Ski resort Arralifte Harmanschlag

Ski resort Arralifte Harmanschlag

Am Arra 7, A-3971 St. Martin

Snow telephone
Mountain railways Tourist association

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